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Testimonial of the Day – Thank you for being on the air.

A lady wrote: "I found WBAJ on the dial and assumed that it was a Christian station like all the others. Boy was I wrong! The minister was in the middle of a sermon. The truth that came from this man was incredible. He was teaching from the book of Revelation and saying things that […]

Testimonial of the Day – Liquor store to Weimar.

A man owned a liquor store with his brother. He listened to KFHL and decided that selling liquor was wrong. He sold the store and joined a church. Two weeks later, he went to Weimar for an AFCOE training class for evangelism.  

Testimonial of the Day – State of the Dead

A lady called: "I thought the dead were in Heaven and I couldn't figure out why the Bible says that the dead in Christ rise first if they are already in Heaven." WSJC made it so simple to understand and walked her right through the texts. "I felt so relieved to find out that death […]

Testimonial of the Day – How do I join?

A married man with children had left the Lord for a life of drugs. He showed up one day at church for the first time and said, "I found WBAJ by chance. It changed my life. I'm coming back to the Lord. I could never repay you for what you have given me. I've arranged at […]