Radio is a huge medium, and very non threatening.  People that would never attend a meeting or let a colporteur into their homes, go into meetings and “read” Christian audio literature from these radio stations.  Radio can get through walls and into locked communities and other so-called impenetrable places.

Family First operates full-time teaching stations.  We broadcast talk shows with Doug Batchelor, sermons, Revelation seminars, health programs, medical, temperance, religious liberty, family, finance, Creation, children’s stories, and book-reading such as the Conflict Series and the Bible. We have 7 radio stations reaching a huge potential of 11 million people with last-day messages! The current population of the United States is at 305 million which means we are potentially reaching 3.6% of the whole USA!  Our stations are operated by only 4 employees on very sacrificial salaries.

Our “all talk” format broadcasts are any evangelist’s dream come true – continuous evangelism 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year, with a potential of 11 million listeners!  Only mass media can do this.  Listeners come into the “meetings” via radio at any time and stay for as long as they want without any pressure.  After a period of time, many show up at church, some seeking baptism on their first visit.  When asked questions, it is often discovered that they have taken the advertised Bible studies as well as the more advanced studies.  Many of these listeners are amazed to learn so much about the Bible on these radio stations.

Of all the types of religious radio programming, Family First has shown undoubtedly that talk format for radio is the format that gets baptisms!  Music can be divisive – too much beat, too little beat, too white, too Latin, too black, too classical, etc. Thus, Family First Radio stations have broken the mold and overwhelmingly proven how radio can get large numbers of baptisms that last!

Click here for a video presentation of Family First.

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